Workshop Branding for Photographers

Monday 27th of May the Belgian association for professional photographers, vzw Studio, organized a workshop about branding. With the appearance of thirty members the workshop was sold-out. vzw Studio recognized the importunacy of this topic and I had the honor to have a interactive workshop with the audience. The goal of the workshop was to help the photographers building their own brand as photographer.

The need for branding

Because of the growing competition of photographers it is important to build up your own and recognizable brand. This is extremely helpful for the customers as identification and as basis to make a choice. It is easier for the customer to make a choice when differences of photographers are crystal clear.

vzw Studio as supporting association

vzw Studio is a very dynamic association and support their members to develop themselves as entrepreneurs. During the workshop all the present members where participating in an active way programme. Questions where ask and meaningful discussions where held. With their dynamic attitude vzw Studio can be seen as a role model for other professional photographer associations.

If you are interested to organize presentations / workshops for your members of the photo association or photo club, about branding, marketing or entrepreneurship, do not hesitate to contact me to discus the possibilities.
Photos are made by: Luc Peeters, Foto Keoon-Antwerpen.

Fotograaf als Merk door Herman de Pagter-1


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