The impact of a photo

On 26th April 2013 the Belgium newspaper De Morgen showed the impact a photo can have. The front page displayed a large photo of a wounded little Syrian boy (made by Sebastiano Tomada and he is awarded with the 2nd place of the World Press Photo contest). The boy is victim of the terrible bloody civil Syrian war. Displaying this shocking photo was a well thought-out act of the newspaper to get the attention they needed for the Action Day for Syria. The aim of this action day was to collect a huge amount of money to help the civilian victims of this war.

The way readers and visitors of Internet forums react on the photo make clear that today a photo still can have a tremendous impact. This particularly newspaper makes clear that a strong photo can tell more then thousand words. Susan Sontag (in het book About photography, 2012) stated that a photo is like being part of the mortality, the vulnerability or the inconsistency of another human being. And that is for sure for this photo.

The photo of this Syrian boy makes the reader intensively angry. It is a confrontation with a hidden and cruel reality. Photos can do that and can have an enormous impact.

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