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Vivian Maier: Hype or hyper good?

In Marketing,photographer,photography by H. de Pagter / 22/06/2013 / 1 Comment

At this moment two photo books are available with a selection of the photos of Vivian Maier. Maier is nowadays very popular. As well as her books as the exhibitions are successful. A visitor of an exhibition stated:
“The reception was jam packed. Wall to wall people. Too many in fact. Soon after we got there they stopped letting people in. Then it started to thin out and you could see more than one photo at a time. When we finally left there was a line about 100 feet long waiting to get in.” (Charles B58:
It seems that there is a serious audience to buy prints of het photos. According to the NYTimes a print of 12 x 12 inch cost $1800 – $5000. Based on her popularity the question rise if Vivian Maier is that good as suggested or are we confronting a well-organized hype, surrounded with a bit of mysteriousness.

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