News photo of the week – forest fire Madeira

It feels great when I am announced as photographer of the news photo of the week by the Dutch news site (5 million unique visitors p/month). During my recent stay in Funchal a severe forest fire hit the capitol of Madeira Islands. It was a challenge to make a clear photo of the fire with my Leica M9 in the dark.

Placing the Leica M9 on a solid place with a good overview of the city and the forest fire, I was able to make the capture a nice shot. After making the photo available for the Dutch news organizations, the Netherlands Broadcasting Foundation (one of the broadcasters in the Netherlands Public Broadcasting system) and the biggest online news site used the photo for an article about the fire. The photo has an impact on a lot of people, regarding to the received reactions. I may say that I’m proud as the creator of the news photo of the week. The choice of the editors of this news website. Now it is time to move on, because it was only for a week and the time flies.

Links to news sites with photo (Dutch):
– (article photo of the week)
– (original article)

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