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This page contains documents and links which can help the professional photographer in his/her competitive business arena. No, you will find no reviews about new equipment but articles about marketing and entrepreneurship related to photography.

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14 May 2013 |  Social-media for photographers (theme: marketing)

Social-media is a useful marketing instrument for photographers. Social-media can help you to profile yourself and to expand or built up your image. This document is a guide for photographers to use social-media. This part 1 (of 2) and gives general information about social-media and how to use Facebook en Google+.

Link pdf doc: Photoshelter-social-media-for-photographers-I.pdf

13 May 2013 | Business plan for photographers (theme: entrepreneurship)

A practical guide from Photoshelter for photographers how to write a business plan. A guide to help you to increase your business.

Link pdf doc: Photoshelter-photo-business-plan-workbook.pdf