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Street photography lens: Olympus 17mm f/1.2 Pro

In Foto-apparatuur by H. de Pagter / 10/06/2018 / 0 Comments

35mm lens is for most street photographers a standard lens.

Photographers always want to discuss their opinion, but now I keep my foot down. Yes, a 35mm lens is undisputed since a long time the right lens for the street photographer. Okay, 50mm is of course also allowed. No doubt about that. Call me conservative or even old-fashioned, but I defend, as a street photographer, the 35mm lens with verve. And now, now Olympus has added this omnipotent Pro lens to its assortment. I can happily praise to get one of the first copies delivered. For this, I had to order this lens the previous year. Anyway, the Olympus M. Zuiko 17 mm F/1.2(= focal length 34 mm, based on crop factor two of the Olympus OM-D E-M1) arrived at the beginning of March 2018. The plans for the next day is marked in my agenda, namely to go Antwerp to photograph!

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