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Workshop Branding for Photographers

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Monday 27th of May the Belgian association for professional photographers, vzw Studio, organized a workshop about branding. With the appearance of thirty members the workshop was sold-out. vzw Studio recognized the importunacy of this topic and I had the honor to have a interactive workshop with the audience. The goal of the workshop was to help the photographers building their own brand as photographer.

The need for branding

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A different, but apposite, portrait

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Normally my portraits are close to the reality. Most of the time the subject (or model) is recognizable and in a natural way portrayed. In this case it was different. The assignment was to transform a beautiful friendly woman (Loraine Delano) into a drug addict. The goal of the photo was to create a mild shock effect.

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Dutch National Photographer; a marketing trick!

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In the year 2000 was the start of Gerrit Komrij as first Dutch National Poet. The phenomenon National Philosopher was introduced in 2011 with Hans Achterhuis as rookie. The similarity between the National Poet and the National Philosopher is to bridge a gap. Not everyone is familiar with poetry and philosophy. The aim of the National poet and Philosopher is to bring the domains closer to the common people and to increase its popularity. That is clear and reasonable, I think. But what about the Dutch National Photographer?

Since April 2013 Ilvy Njiokiktjien is the first National Photographer of the Netherlands. She is allowed (even more urged) to initiate interesting new photo projects. The inventor of this new phenomenon is the Fotoweek (Photo week) Foundation. Ilvy is the ambassador of the Dutch photographers and she is but the base of Fotoweek.

What is ‘our’ opinion about this new phenomenon?

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Winner Leica Images Award 2012

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Herman de Pagter is the proud winner of the Leica Images Award 2012. He won with his photo ‘Candlelight’. This photo was chosen by the jury out of more then 500 photos. Herman made this photo with his Leica M9 camera in a church in Funchal, Madeira. The girl was staring into the candlelights for a long time without noticing that the photo was made.

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